@Ieenakko as long as you had a good sleep then it’ll be alright! My Friday went well and we just uploaded a teaser of our first ever reality show: Enhypen and Hi! What about you, noona? How was your Friday?

@m_injoo well, I do hope you ate both your lunch and dinner, noona. They’re important for your health. Ah, thank you so much! Please look forward for our debut, noona. ✌🏼

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But make sure you have followed us first :)

: It’s my third day and I still suffer a bit of a culture shock when running this platform. πŸ’§

@m_injoo ah, you skipped it? Why though? I had mine earlier so my tummy’s full now, aha.

@Ieenakko been good, been good! Had a good breakfast earlier so I think today will go well. What about you, noona? Did you have a good sleep as well?

@irenez hello, Irene noona! Did you have your breakfast? How was your sleep last night?

@m_injoo hello, Minju senior! Did you eat your breakfast already?

@zsehun good morning, hyung! Have you eaten your breakfast?

@jiisoo good morning, Jisoo noona! Did you have your breakfast?

I really can’t choose. These two are my absolute favorites. (Jake: left, Soobin: right).

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: please help me out. </3

@Parkchanyeol Chanyeol senior! Hello, hyung. What makes you to stay up this late?

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