I wonder if anyone’s awake at this ungodly hour.

@zsana Sana noona is still awake, I see? What makes you to stay up so late, noona?

@jakes yup! i haven't sleepy yet.. how about you, Jake?

@nct_jaemin woah, you’re still awake? What makes you stay up so late, Jaemin senior?

@jakes well I do love coffee. . .

Does that answer your question? hahaha. What about you?

@nct_jaemin ah, caffeine does make you stay up so late... I’m currently watching some stuffs on youtube, hyung. Can’t really sleep, though. I have no idea why. ✌🏼

@jakes you know, blue lights from gadgets only make you harder to fall asleep

@jakes hi from sehwi who’s still awake at this hour hahaha.

@sehwi then you’re successfully included as the nocturnal gang, haha! What makes you to stay up this late, noona?

@jakes am i?😂 i still figure out how to play on rpverse domain hahaha. and what about you, jake?

@Parkchanyeol Chanyeol senior! Hello, hyung. What makes you to stay up this late?

@jakes hello too, don't call me senior xD since my eyes can't compromise, how about you?

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