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But make sure you have followed us first :)

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@jisuug Good morning, Jisung oppa! :11111: What are you up to these days? Any hobbies?

@wowwh Woohyun sunbaenim! :0360: It's been awhile since I saw you around.. It's nice that I can meet INFINITE oppas again!

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Deeply sorry for making this public but this lonely Seungyoun is offering a πŸ’³ friendship card πŸ’³ since I have none of friends here. Sobs. For roleplayer whoβ€˜s mostly use English or bilingual in daily basis got a freepass!

Please kindly give this post a [boost] or drop any [toots] below! x

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Is there any english / bilingual speaker? I want to collect you guys :0230:

@danieel Hello, Daniel oppa! The center of South Korea? :11111:

@hyuensuk Good morning, Hyunsuk oppa! :0600: Have you grab your breakfast?

@kiko Kiko neechan! I feel so delighted to see you here because I've been adoring you for awhile! :11118: Have you eaten your breakfast?

hello! @englishroleplayer :11111: do me a favor by boosting this toot, please! my name is jaehee, i'm 17 years old and i'm from :lw: :le: :le: :le: :lk: :ll: :ly: :11118: i'm trying to look for more friends since i'm mad lonely!! o<-< kindly boost or intreact with this toot and i'll come to your notifications asap!! :232327:

Sorry for bringing this up and using public again! :11118: Can you please scroll up to this toot and boost the toot above? :231111: I'm still in need for more friends to talk to! If you boost or interact with the tweet above, I'll greet you right away! :11111:

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I apologize for making this public.

If you see this tweet passing by your local, care to shoot me a toot or you can simply boost my toot. I am looking for people to be friend with.

Hello! Sorry for using public.

To my fellow roleplayers, if you're still awake kindly say hi or interact with this toot, please!! I'm trying to make friends since I'm new to this platform. Let's get along well. β™‘οΈŽ

Ps. I'm kinda selective!

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