⋆ Take a look at this preview photos from the Red Velvet Season Greetings 2O21. This photos is served in natural and bright theme that can make you feel the fresh sensation when you look at it! ❤ ⋆

W/N : "Akses publik ke layanan ini dicabut dalam 48 jam. Migrasi ke instansi lain kecuali diinstruksikan sebaliknya" Announcement from rpvortex domain.

Sepertinya, domain rpvortex ini akan dihilangkan dalam 48 jam / setelah 48 jam tidak ada lagi yang namanya domain rpvortex. Jadi buat kalian yg sudah buat akun, silahkan migrasi kembali ke domain sebelumnya. entah itu dengan cara memindahkan akun domain disana ke domain ini atau menghapus akun domain sana dan kembali bermain di akun domain ini.

⋆ Here's the preview for RED VELVET SEASON GREETINGS 2O21. You could see what' inside of it and what items/benefits that will you got if you bought the new season greeting of us! 👀❤ This new season greeting really catch my eyes, it's really beautiful! 😣 ⋆

[ Go visit SMtown Store Website for more informations. ]

⋆ Everyone, have you seen our group photos for the new season greetings? Yes, this photos are for RED VELVET SEASON GREETINGS 2O21! ♡ How is it? Do we look pretty? 😉✨ Anyways, from both of this photos, which one do you like the most? The dark one or the bright one? Please tell me, im curious! 😆 ⋆

Good night, timeline toots! Thank you for your hard work today! please take your time to sleep and rest well so you can fully charged your energy for tomorrow! ❤😴

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