W/N : I think that you guys don't have to talk too much. We all should be thankful because the developer/admin of this website give us instance/domain for roleplayers only. Anw, this migration will be a benefit for the non RP users and ourselves (RP users). Right now, please be patient for those who haven't entered the new instance because the server is down/on maintenance. For those who haven't receive email, check it on the spam. The email might be sent there. See you on the new instance! 👋👀

W/N : If im not wrong, making a domain/website is not easy. It costs with money. Not to mention, there are also costs that must be paid monthly. My point is, making this thingy costs with money, and right now you're enjoying it free. So please stop protesting, appreciate the developer/admin and just enjoy it, guys. Let me leave a note : Jackie aka big fat bird platform (you know who) wouldn't do this for you hihihi. 😁🙏

Also, im leaving my new account here. Let's be friends thereee! 😆❤

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