W/N : This platform is a PUBLIC platform. it's made for PUBLIC to interact each other, not ONLY to satisfy your RP needs. So please, respect the other users besides RP users. Use "enlisted" / "direct" on the 🌎 icon to reply other user's toot or to mention someone. With that, your toot won't be visible on the public timeline and of course it won't disturb other users. Also, watch out for spamming/flooding. The system may auto reports you and @ stux may silence your account. Please cooperate 😁🙏

Excuse me everyone and sorry for using public mode, let me bring this toot up again. To those who haven't read and to the newcomers, scroll up this toot and read it. Once again, please cooperate each other, spread this information and the other informations so the others could knew it. Also, please respect the non RP users and the developer of this Website. You could still use public mode, but please BE WISE USING IT. I repeat, please BE WISE. Use the public mode for important thing. 🙏


Another information from me : Unlisted mode makes your toot would be visible to the followers and visible to non followers if your follower boost your toot. Direct mode makes your toot ONLY visible to the user you interact with. It's like talking each other, 1:1. Followers only mode makes your toot ONLY visible to your followers. But you can use this mode only if you locked your account. Ok that's all, thank you so much for reading and let's have fun! ❤

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