Hello! Happy ProtonVPN Plus user here! I use it on my android device as well as on my computer. On my computer(I use the linux cli app) the connection has been 100% stable. However, on my android device, sometimes the connection drops, and my data traffic stops because I have enabled "Block connections without VPN". When this happens, all I have to do is to open the ProtonVPN app and click connect. My question is; why cant the app do - 1/2

that on its own so I dont have to have periods where I am unaware that my data connection is cut. Isn't that what computers are for, making them work for us? :-) @protonvpn - 2/2

When I press the (i) icon on the right pullout panel on fedlibal it says that your instance is down?

Is there a written explanation somewhere as to why searching for text in the body of messages is hard when it comes to your e-mail service?

I have ProtonVPN with the basic plan on my android phone. Is it possible to hide the status of the VPN connection from the "pull down menu"? I have disabled the "Allow notification dot" in the system settings.

Will ProtonDrive be available on Linux when it comes?

I am a happy paying customer of ProtonMail! :) However, I find that the search function doesn't deliver at all. I can go to an e-mail in my archive folder, find a specific word, and then search for it. With no results. Is this a common complaint or is it just me?

Is it still so that if I purchase a paid VPN subscription, my e-mail account will get locked if the next recurring payment fails?

Which app is most mature for use on android do you reckon, fedilab?

@stux The notification icon about the pinned corona-warnign post reappears quite often, even though I've read it. Bug/feature? ๐Ÿ˜œ

@Mastodon Congrats! Trump threatening to shut down twitter is great news!

@stux When I hit reply to a toot all the mentioned @'s are included by default. I don't necessarily want to bother all them, most of the time I only want the author of the toot to get a notification. Bug/feature? ๐Ÿ™‚

Everyday I get mail about collaboration with some sort of company on mstdn.. I always friendly decline. We donโ€™t want your ads here!

I searched the feedback forums and found a person who asked this in 2018 with no response, therefore im trying here :) So what are your thoughts on the logic here? This could e.g. be resolved with having an option to pay for only one month, without the need to have a subscription.

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Hola! Thanks for great software! One problem; I have free mail account, and want to pay for vpn account. Last time I did this, I got locked out of my free mail account when the monthly payment for vpn failed. Imagine this happening if you are at the airport ready to show your QR-code from the ProtonMail-app and the payment for your vpn subscription just failed. I think it makes very little sense lock one out of a formerly free service because you subscribed for a paid one in addition.

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