New summary on the #assange case here.

I even wrote to Priti Patel about it you know. Peter Hitchens of all people said I should and he's usually wrong but not on that. I used an envelope and a stamp and everything. The BBC remain mostly silent.

Rebels from @NLRebellion are blocking the A15, the access road to the BP refinery in Rotterdam! We need to end our dependence on fossil fuels right now to save the present and the future! #ExtinctionRebellion
RT @NLRebellion
Vastgemaakt aan een πŸ›’ blokkeren rebellen de weg #StopFossiel

New post on my blog about the protests against the building of the animal research lab in 2006. A long fought battle by the animal rights group SPEAK that continues to this day, despite the lab eventually being built.


Thanks for getting us to 50,000 followers.

We are living in the final days of partition.

A united Ireland referendum is now inevitable and the preparations must begin.


Met raid run out of Dalston after attacking locals
An ill-advised immigration raid launched on a sunny Saturday in Dalston, London turned ugly yesterday after police officers attacked large crowds who’d turned out to oppose it.

The high street raid, which kicked off at around half-six as people thronged the street getting din
#Anti-RaidsNetwork #Dalston #Hackney #immigrationraids #policebrutality

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On the 2nd April 2009 I attended the second day of protests against the London G20 Summit, sadly the images I took have been lost. The previous day Ian Tomlinson was unlawfully killed by a police officer whilst making his way home through the crowd.

I was amongst the crowd that was kettled by the police outside the Bank of England, but the day was a peaceful one. Protesters created a memorial wall for Ian Tomlinson.The image is a scan from a print made before I lost the files.

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