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I had to pay a lot of money to file for bankruptcy last time (hundreds of dollars). I can understand how most people would not be able to do it and end up homeless, unable to receive paychecks. I had borrowed the $ from family. During my bankruptcy, I was in labor, about to give birth to my 2nd child. They made me go to court anyway or wouldn't grant it & wouldn't reschedule. My moaning from contractions is on record somewhere. The judge waited for me to speak between contractions.

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The person with the cardboard sign wrote:


The person with the blank sheet of paper could have written:


Three very reasonable things to say in an enlightened society

Also three things that will get you arrested in the UK in 2022 😳

Finnish useless homonym sentence:

" Etsivät etsivät etsivät etsivät etsivät. "

Etsivä(-t plural)
1. searcher(-s)
2. detective(-s)

.. makes more sense, if translated into American English:

'Curious dicks are curious for the curious dicks.'


Used synonyms:
1. searcher - 'curious'
2 detective - 'dick'

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Springtime. Youngest one has made it independently to the airport and is on a plane to visit his love, and his loves. Trans teens getting the protocols of poly loving sorted. Meanwhile amidst all the cream and yellow freesias this beautiful red. And the cream clivia. And a fancy little fuchsia under a leaf. Change is constant. #florespondence @plants

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I signed a petition calling on Canadian Banks to stop funding fossil fuel projects and to respect Indigenous rights.
Join me in calling out these banks! Add your name to the petition and tell your bank that they need to divest from fossil fuels if they are serious about tackling the climate crisis and respecting Indigenous rights.
Click to add your voice: act.gp/3uDCkpt.

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“Stopped drinking coffee”

Now that’s just crazy talk.

Tune for Monday:
Lasten Hautausmaa - Tove

The song is about the war-time experiences of the Finnish author and painter Tove Jansson.



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Morpheus and Matthew, value study in blue or something.

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Ukraine's 🇺🇦 Independence Day, amid the inexcusable destruction of lives and cities by Russia. This small exquisite water colour hangs in my kitchen. It was painted in a basement in Kyiv in the first days of the war by an extremely talented 12 yr old girl. A work of art, of life.

Still mostly *green* all around while walk 🥾 🐺

🔎 Alder leaf beetles (Agelastica alni) do have a feast on Grey alder (Alnus incana) leaves 🍃 Lohja, Finland

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