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hello, everyone. My name is Ignacio, I'm 34 and I'm from Spain. I've a girlfriend. This is my first time on, although I've been on Mastodon since the day Elon Musk bought the vulture page. By the way, thanks a lot, Elon!

My main interest is learning languages (I'm learning Mongolian at this moment, although I'm interested in Tagalog too). My main goal is to become a civil servant in Spain. Tough path, but doable. Other interests of mine are 80s music, indie music, video games, being retro or newer (I only play newer games through Stadia, when available); open source software, including games; and I think that's all.

My political view is leftist, although I try to be as far away as I can from politics. Thanks, shitty Spanish politicians, polarization and Vultter, for that! I support Ukraine.

That's it.

I'm wondering, given the big amount of open source alternatives to Google products (Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Maps...), is there an open source alternative to Google Photos too?

Facebook account deleted. After 30 days from today it will be permanent.

As European myself (Spaniard, to be more precise), I'm more interested in learning . I don't know how intelligible are LSF and between each other.

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Common mistake traveler's make in Iceland: calling cops to save babies left outside. Letting babies nap outside in cold weather is a cultural practice in Scandinavia — sometimes when they’re as young as two days


Putin's invasion of Ukraine is endangering the food security of millions of people.

We are taking action to safeguard #FoodSecurity by:

🚛 Making sure that trade flows
🌾 Making local production sustainable
🌍 Providing support to countries at risk
🤝 Ensuring a global response

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