Today I'm mostly wigging out that energy companies have posted their biggest profits on record, while claiming it's been hard because energy prices have soared and there are people who are struggling to pay their bills every month :(

And half an hour later, all the articles I had on my to-read pile... have been read. WHY do I put these things off?!

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Today seems to be a "read the twenty articles that you've had open for two months but your brain wouldn't let you read because it wasn't the right time and oh look, it's only taking two minutes per article, why didn't you do this weeks ago" day.

Thanks, .

read: I absolutely, wihtout a doubt, do not have it in me to fix two things in one day

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I solved a pain-in-the-arse problem today and tried to blog about it but it turns out I've broken my blog and I don't think I have it in me to fix two things in one day

Actually one of the nicest things about Mastodon so far is that there's no rubbish gossip appearing in the sidebar.

Signed up yesterday to - today it's - there's also

What's the difference between them?! can't quite figure it out

Hello Mastodon! My name's Sophie and I'm a developer from the UK.

I mostly do dev, have and am big on , and matters.

Look forward to meeting y'all :)

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