Amit Shah is the Kaizer Soze of Indian politics. You can't ban him. You can't stop him. You can't even see him coming.

What a pleasure to hear this.
Ilaiyaraaja, the mastero. Thanks for making me feel relaxed after a day's hectic work.

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Just watched Shashi Tharoor's stand up. I have to accept that he's one of the coolest politicians right now.

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Chandler Bing . My most fav character suffered from alcoholism during the filming of the show. He recovered and is fighting back now .:underheart:

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First #TOOT alert

WHAT IS: #Mastodon 🧐

Simple oneliner: whatever works with Blockchain (yes, #Bitcoin Technology) it will be decentralized., Decentralized concept will not be controlled by anyone.

even simpler: these all are running in P2P #technology which is the concept of Torrent (popular downloader) we using. 🧐

Mastodon - decentralize - blockchain - P2P

Services backed by #BLOCKCHAIN technology is the future!

This platform is super awesome. We have the best of Twitter here.
Would have been better if I could see what's trending here!

Getting the blue tick is fun. On Twitter it used to be a dream.

Hello world.

My first toot here. Help me find some interesting accounts.

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