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I start to tell people "yeah i duckduckgo..." instead of Google

My blog and all other web properties I own and/or publish is 100% Facebook Free.

Further to the above, unlike DavinciResolve, Lightworks works like a charm on Linux.

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Hey Apple,

Saying you block trackers but not blocking Google Analytics is like saying you practice safe sex when you cut off the heads of your condoms.

A guy who makes an app that actually blocks trackers

Hey when y'all going start up the live streaming site for fediverse??

I notice some people started to post a vlogs on #mastodon and to be honest.. sucks no one really watching the videos over there or am I wrong?

Just got back from visiting my parents over the weekend and I've just realised why I've been feeling a bit off lately, even if you enjoy being inside staying inside all the time honestly is not good for you, especially in Winter.

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