I sick of the twitter on website so now I am using on … ahh better.. should one should do the same.. I know I should

Are you tired of see "Promoted tweet" and twitter keep switching back to "Home shows you top tweets first" download 3rd party app called Fenix one of the best so far., for Apple I have no idea and what so cool about this app is you can follow someone without have to hit follow.. create user timeline columns.

so.. I have a cold.. and i kinda need go store ..and wearing the mask while you have cold. shit..

very interesting youtube block my own short url website..

Well shit... taking care of my son yesterday and now I am sick. 😀 my son coughπŸ’¨ in my face few time.

Good Morning..β˜• Today I will be busy all day.. my son is sick we staying home and relax!

NewPipe Is generally better then the YouTube app at this point apart from waiting for the sub page to load

If I didn't say it before, i'll say it now: Parler is not the solution to censorship from platforms, it is decentralization. More people need to spin up instances on the fediverse with recognizable names behind them so people have places they can flock to, but still talk to everyone else. Everyone major should have their own instance and then they can moderate how they like and have their userbase, but also be able to talk with people outside of their circle.
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