Someday in 2031: Ted Faro enrolls in the University of California Los Angeles and majors in Business.

June 5th, 2048: Aamaal Mati dies protecting Metallurgic International's claim to a tantalum mine.

TODAY: Elisabet Sobeck is born in Carson City, Nevada, USA.

Happy Birthday!

in 2066:
General Herres informs Elisabet Sobeck that a projected collapse of the front lines at Wichita, Kansas has happened and U.S. Robotics Command will be assaulted by five Horus-class Titans in 34 hours. More: and

in 2066:
As the Faro Plague begins to wipe out the last remnants of life on Earth, GAIA comforts Elisabet Sobeck by reassuring her that Project Zero Dawn will succeed.

in 2061:
U.S. Presidential candidate Lacy Almodovar announces her intentions of overturning Schott v. Frost - a Supreme Court decision granting corporations the right to run for and hold political office through proxy candidates

2017: The United States Interior Department removes the grizzly bear from its endangered species list.

in 2062: The Haere Mai Program is implemented by New Zealand Prime Minister Tama Ngata to encourage thousands of New Zealander transplants to return to New Zealand, which has been mostly rebuilt through investment in the nanotech construction industry.

24.12.2013: Ted Faro is born in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America.

Merry Christmas Ted.

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