India's Vice President in parliament says women do not need fire arms as others will protect them ... Thank You sir

How will be reactions if a bomb blast accused is killed in a police encounter ?

So now is latest guy to join the list of .......

Day is not far when ladies will carry some sort of weapon to resist & attacks
Time for alertness in right to

So is in shambles but who cares we have so many emotional shit to chew

Lets dissolve the assembly & bring back the presidential rule back in ... let them go into ...
What an idea

It will be fun to see led government involving & in
Someone will get lessons on federalism real soon
Heard that money for will be used for farmers' loan waiver 😜

is another tool to keep people busy in dumb charade as is sinking & rulers are imbecile
Testing time ahead for

bill is coming back beware.. last time, it had clause to cancel the Bank FD rights

So, it is permissible to cancel the 12AA certificate retrospectively as well as retroactively even though law does not provide for & says Independence at Tribunal level should be kept safe

Finally after 900 days insolvency of is resolved

So getting referred to larger bench via review petition route & other cases got clubbed too.. only silver lining is shirur mutt getting reviewd

is up, is down, is contracting, who cares, we have gone emotional shit to chew upon

So, contraction in is not the matter of talk.. sad state of .. less than 5 .. tough days ahead

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After the decision
in the Kihoto Hollohan case, the Speaker, while exercising the power to disqualify, is a Tribunal
and the validity of the orders are amenable to judicial review.

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There is a growing trend of the Speaker acting against the constitutional duty of being neutral. Further horse trading and corrupt practices associated with defection and change of loyalty for lure of office or wrong reasons have not abated.

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