I noticed an annoying pattern in articles and conversations about software development: Telling people that things are hard.

Concurrency is hard. Use X library or refrain from using it at all.
Naming is hard. So don't feel bad.
Recursion is hard. So don't use it.
Security is hard. Leave that to the "experts", hire a consultant.

X is hard, don't try to do X, just leave it to the experts or use Y and stay where you are.

I don't like these types of statements, I think they discourage developers to grow.

Maybe the more positive alternative is: "X is hard, so I should be aware of my limits, tread carefully and request help when I need it".

Though in a lot of cases I think the statement itself is hollow and is best left out of the conversation.


There's also cases like these, where it just doesn't add anything to the conversation.

Screenshot taken from an RFC for a PHP return type (wiki.php.net/rfc/noreturn_type).

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