On a related note, "Immunizer" is a great job title.

1. Living within a short walk of a convenience store...
2. Where I can buy Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos...
3. To soothe my achiness from the flu shot I got at work today.

1. Finally buckled down and tackled a work thing I had been dreading for months.
2. Saw at least 100 birds sitting along a telephone wire.
3. Finished reading this month's book club book.

Wow, this is very interesting. Smalltown is a new fork of Mastodon specifically for civic communities looking to host their own social media. It is being developed at Ethan Zuckerman's lab at UMass Amherst.


(It's explicitly inspired by Hometown and very nicely links to my Patreon on their github, too.)

1. Learned about the column stats feature in Google Sheets.
2. The way the outside air smells when I get off the bus and take off my mask.
3. Chips and guacamole to tide me over while cooking the week's dinner.

1. Lemony car wash.
2. Got meeting notes ready for next week.
3. Surprise visit from Corvallis friends.

Going though the automatic car wash is an odd experience of mass production from the inside.

Courtney Milan: Most criticism is useless because too many people try to answer the question "how would I make this more like something I had done" and not "how can I help you make this the best thing you can do."

I can tell it's autumn because one of the household mammals is squirreling away food for the winter.

(We rotated supplies in our Go Bags for Emergency Preparedness Month and there wasn't room to pour these into the dog food jar on the counter.)

  1. Blue butterfly leggings.
  2. Talking about compassionate communication training with @peterdrake over breakfast at a new-to-us neighborhood diner.
  3. Fated Mates episode on Marrying Winterborne.

We finished The Crew: Mission Deep Sea! @peterdrake and I completed the two-person game with a score of 73.

I love trick-taking games and this co-op, like it's predecessor The Crew, was basically perfect. It's a great feeling when you're positive that a mission cannot be done... and then you pull it off.

The big stack of task cards that are randomized each mission were a win overall, but there were one or two missions that weren't technically possible.

So much fun packed into such a small box!

Today's mild adventure is a breakfast picnic overlooking the Willamette River.

A question for the board game enthusiasts out there:

If you could only have a single designer in your board game collection, who would give you the most diverse selection in game play?

My pick was Reiner Knizia for both range and excellence.

Peter suggested Vlaada Chvátil, another solid choice.

Tigris & Euphrates is one of my favorite games. I've been playing it for decades and imagine I'll be playing it for decades more. It's a very different game with 2, 3, or 4 players, but excellent in all.

My performance as Lions in today's first game was wretched, but I made up for it in the second by snatching an amazing power base in the center of the board and then winning a lot of external conflicts, usually instigated by others, to rake in the points. My final score was ten points, there in the lower left of the table!

I wanna see how far this poll can go, vote and then boost please! 🌐

How long have you been in the fediverse?

Comment if timeframe is not listed!

Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas spoilers 

  • I love Pandora because she can’t help but say the quiet part out loud. I think she sometimes wishes she could help it, but it definitely makes her, as Gabriel realizes, “wholly and resolutely herself.”
  • I liked that Pandora read Sebastian as a “man who truly liked women.” That’s the only way I can possibly imagine the Sebastian of Devil in Winter maturing into the loving, supportive, and wise husband and father of Devil in Spring.
  • I also liked Pandora’s analogy between her not-at-all-close-knit family and a constellation where the stars appear to be close together, but exist very far apart in actuality.
  • Lady Berwick’s observation that, “Nonconformity is nothing but self-interest in disguise,” provoked some thinking.
  • Shipping Dr. Garrett Gibson and detective Ethan Ransom so very, very hard.

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