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Please allow me to introduce myself, though I’m *not* a Rolling Stone.

I’m a long-time musician and former busker at Pike Place Market in Seattle. I’m currently living in Kalamazoo, MI. Still hoping to find gigs and/or busking opportunities here.

I play a number of instruments to one degree or another, but my main ones are, in descending order:

* Ukulele
* Harmonica
* Washboard (and other random percussive stuff)
* Drums (trap kit as opposed to random hand drums)
* Guitar

I have digital ukulele lessons available as well as “face to face” via Zoom, Discord, or Facetime.

I’m likely to post everything from music and/or videos I like, to bad puns, to specific stuff.

Also news about any new music, videos or lessons I’ve made. Kinda like tooting my own horn.

(Hey! You were warned about the puns!)

Now and then I’ll toot a reminder that you can support my artistic endeavors via my Ko-Fi account.

The rest of the time I’ll be happy to enjoy your toots

having a rather depressing day when I stumble on these guys tearing it up on Third Rate Romance and I got all happy again.

the kitty torture device and the results of a 6 to 8 minute session with it on my cat, Darwin.

a post on my Ko-Fi site titled, How Hobbit Got His Sausage Back.

not that kind of Sausage!

you got a dirty mind.

I finally got my online collaboration video up and flying. it’s Bye Bye Blackbird and I don’t know why the video isn’t showing in the toot.

when I screwed up and put the wrong link in at first, it showed up like a champ. <shrug>

I hope you like it!

today I turned 34.

in Martian years.

to help me celebrate, please mail a Mars Bar to the address flashing on your screen.

thin Q very much.

I’m giving serious consideration to just bagging Discord.

The other day I got a notification from them about a Talent Show, scheduled for today at 3pm. So today, shortly after 3pm, I set up my MacBook and log in. No Talent Show.

But there is one event listed, so I click on it and it’s the Talent Show. Only now it says it’s scheduled for 5pm.

So I do other stuff (like finish reading the last chapter of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) and log back in at 5pm.

And wait. Featuring further waiting. Also including extra waiting. All this time if you click on the notification thing it’s saying “starting soon!”

At about 5:20 my MacBook and my phone sing a duet of the notification song. I click the notification and it’s reminding me there’s a Talent Show today.

Starting at 7pm.

Here’s a picture of me from back before I died. It was taken at the Iron Stairs busking spot by Alex Rasmussen, musician, market sales agent, author, and photographer.

I have no idea when but I suspect it was about 5 to 6 years ago.

Hoo boy! Finding the full lyrics to Minnie the Moocher is quite the quest. Especially when you consider the fact that it’s an easy to play 3 chord song.

It just shouldn’t be that hard.

If you’d like them, DM me your email address and I’ll send them along.

lots of flashing lights in the video 

I ran across Ningen Isu about a month ago and have been checking them out ever since.

Picture an aging samurai/math teacher just shredding like mad on guitar. There’s a Buddhist monk with a Gene Simmons vibe on bass. And on drums is a dude that looks like he’s straight from the early 60s who just skipped over the intervening genres and ended up in land.

I hope this toot appears as a “comment” on the1920schannel video The Decline of Vaudeville in the 1920s. I think I followed the instructions properly. In any event…

I’m pretty sure that the magician floating the lady in that one picture was the great Howard Thurston.

And speaking of magicians, I’m also a bit surprised that there was no mention of Harry Houdini. He was the highest paid vaudeville performer for some time, touring the Pantages circuit IIRC.

He was also almost the polar opposite of Thurston in his private life, with Howard holding down the “hell raiser” pole. 😋​

while in the midst of some other sniffing about the other day I saw a mention of instances that were more music centric. now, of course, I can’t remember how I stumbled across it.

I basically want to change so that my “local” stream is heavier on musical toots.

thanks in advance for any clues!

It’s wherein they forego their usual cut of sales to help out musicians in these perilously gig free times. They’ve been doing this once a month since the pandemic started.

If you haven’t already, I’d really appreciate you checking out my music there.

And whether or not you like my stuff, there’s a ton of different artists available through BC. Sniff around a bit! Bandcamp Friday is a really fine day to show your support for music you enjoy.

k. I’ll wait for an update on the app. I’m in no rush. back to the web interface.

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hmmm… doesn’t seem to do Markdown. I like the larger tooting window.

leave us do a quick HTML test.

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just trying out the app instead of the web interface.

(Nothing to see here. Move along!)

Today I've released a new book of original works for solo baritone , Brevities.

Go visit

Even if you don't intend to play the ukulele or buy the book, you may enjoy the performance of three of the included pieces that I put on YouTube:

I’ve talked a lot (elsewhere) about this and even have a song mostly written on the subject. But I just now found out that Markdown might allow me to easily type it the way I like it to appear.

I’ll not keep you on tenterhooks. It’s simply called my personal fantasytm and I’d like to refer to it every now and again.

It’s not quite as kinky as it may sound, and if anyone’s interested I’ll type it up here. Just not tonight. I’m tired again.

Hope this works.

Push the button, Frank.

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