@Jkp Do you want more eggs tomorrow? We're drowning in them a bit.

@Jkp Absolutely! I've left them inside the green post box :)

@Jkp Some gifts from the hens in the usual spot if you haven't already had your morning walk.

@Jkp No ... we saw you up ahead :D Realised we weren't the only ones to have a lie in.

@Jkp apologies if we were a bit late leaving the eggs out for you. We slept in! Did we miss you?

@Jkp @withaveeay and I will have to get used to getting up early for the PO again, before the worst of the road traffic starts up at around 9.30am.

@Jkp I know ... I am looking forward to seeing folk about again, but I hope we don't have the nonsense that we had last year.

@Jkp 😞 Passed a car looking out at the look out spot this morning, and then coming home the same car stopped in the road taking photographs.

@Jkp @Bella I've actively not used UK for some time now. All my parcels that I send out are addressed from Scotland.

@Jkp Hopefully mostly gone. Different kinds of problems these days.

I've been experimenting with colour and texture using my oil pastels today. Great fun!

Have tried to focus on different crafts for the past few days over the Christmas period. Today I played with watercolours.

As appropriate now as it was when I took the photograph of @withaveeay at the end of January 2020. Perhaps even more so.

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