We've been driving/walking past this wee building for decades now and never questioned what it was.
Turns out it's an old toilet block for a previous camping ground.
There's even an old swing beside it. True 70's class :)

It's the field alongside the loch which gives Lochside Stoer it's name, not sure of the real name of said loch ;)
Just as you come round the corner past Craig's house? On the left hand side there is a very sloping field which was, according to the Postie, a camp site set up and run by Ian Nurse! So, this is another one of his family crofts presumably?

@helenlockhart I know, amazing!
But I'm pretty sure it would have been popular. I'm assuming this would have been in the mid to late 70's at which point there would have been very few alternatives with a Toilet block!
There are some reasonably flat bits at the top and bottom of the field and a great view plus, a loch at the other side of the road for swimming and.....swimming and..well that's it really, perhaps fishing?


@Jkp Yes, and campers were a lot hardier back then!

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