Suchst du dein Paket, und findest es nicht, dann liegt's vielleicht an so was.
Selbstverständlich gab es diesen Zettel nicht im Briefkasten und die Info erst in einem Paketshop bekommen, nachdem mehrfach ohne Benachrichtigung zurück gegangen war....
Boykottiert den Verein!
Nehmen Geld für Haustürzustellung, aber schaffen die Zustellung klammheimlich ab. Hoffentlich machen die pleite.
“liegt uns ihre Email vor“ wird (vielleicht, oder auch nicht?) benachrichtigt - ähm, Schuß nicht gehört?!?

That happens, when one like me doesn't know about zoom and that there are limits on people allowed... Believed, if it is online any number of people can join and pay for. So, money saved and free time this evening.

#Leipzig #le #Vegan 

Im Angebot Eisenbahnstraße

Tofu 3 Stück 1,-
Schokolade mit Erythrit 4 Stück 1,-

today's .
Let's see, if I should switch it off again ;)
If, be patient, please. You know, I lost remote, and it's quite a long way. May take until evening :)

Good simple world of hope, joy, growing and being together on a journey :)
For that I like old time

That tasty. Even if it is just schani ready to eat with and additional spices. But: much better than with :)

So, for all of you: enjoy :)

Giving you todays impressions.
Really nice, like 20 years ago.
Just minus 4°C , climate change can't denied. Should be about -15..20 - but nice. Lot of people enjoyed having a walk :)

And, very poor. They shut down tram and busses... Like there would be half a meter snow, not 5..10cm at streets.

replacement for .
Without advertisements or crappy permissions.
It even has picture-in-picture function, for watching videos on top of others apps.

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