How do you fight depression and the constant anxiety of being a burden on those around you, and dealing with people getting angry at you for being down? I always feel like I'm the result of everyone around me being upset, and often am the cause for it. It's a very difficult feeling where there's usually no real way out. I tend to try divert my feelings into doing something creative with my time. Craving sleep and wishing the days away also seems to be all I do.


Not being a burden only works in good professional company.
Most "dear" aren't skilled to their emotions, reflections of and what burden they put onto those, they believe to care.

@hamjb This is very true, and makes sense. Kind of need someone in a professional capacity to see past the attachment which derives from those who are close.

@JPEG @hamjb Yes, if you are not able to work through this yourself (nothing judgemental about this) then do seek out professional help. Someone very close to me has found seeing a trained professional very helpful in recovering from depression. If you think it’ll help, don’t wait.

@shahaan @hamjb I often find that I want to take this route, but then again it won't really change anything. Instead it'll just give me someone to talk to who isn't attached to my everyday life and may be impacted by what I have to say. But then again, that is probably what I need.

@JPEG @hamjb Don’t listen to that voice that says it’ll just be like talking to someone and what good will it do? Trust your judgement. If you feel it is worth a try, then go for it. You really won’t know how helpful or not it we’ll be until you go.

@shahaan @hamjb I think what's deterred me most in the past up to now has been the stigma of having a therapist (which if others found out would automatically make them think things like 'but he has nothing to be upset about', 'why does he need a therapist', 'I can do what his therapist does', 'why didn't he talk to me instead', etc), and all of the pressure just adds another thing.

@JPEG @hamjb Oh, I totally get all of these. But think of it this way: 1) None is these people can help you in any professional capacity like a trained therapist can. 2) The benefits you will gain from seeing one will likely outweigh the stigma and over time if you feel better you’ll have proved them wrong and they’ll see it, possibly changing their minds about stigmatizing it. 3) Everyone needs a therapist. Seriously. 🙂😄

@shahaan @hamjb This is all a great way to look at it. I'm looking forward to taking the first step towards this when I can. I'm very appreciative of you having taken the time out to talk. :)

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