let's start middle. Being centered is always good.
Part B.

Beside of joking, you may safe money if buying right one first. Did a number of trials and this is - counting possibilities, price and efficiency - best.
Of course I'm not rich person, these may buy MPPT controller from company.

What it is for: it converts unstable (light, load) output to stable voltage, suiting battery or without, attached equipment.

(General schematics:

Why this part and none of the fancy others?
I could effort.
It has (manual) maximum power tracking which increased efficiency without hassle.
It can deliver 5 Amps which is fine for small/ medium sized solar panels. Have a look at these, what current comes from. Maybe you have to choose bigger one.

If researching eBay etc. look for this with 4 potentiometer.

But, any buck converter suiting both side voltages and current will do, if not available

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