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I'll mute anyone, faking himself "more true" by twitter-like blue ticks.
People cheating others - go away!
Doesn't matter which instance you come from. Seeing blue tick - getting muted instantly.

After you changed behaviour, fine for getting unmuted again. Dm me that case.

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Anyone from Germany or maybe visiting once there, which could send to me?
Other names: Aegle marmelos L., bili, bhel, Bengal quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple or wood apple.

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Schematics if thinking about .

This is for having things running first, not for perfection. Things can be improved step by step, like one has money and time.
Even without battery you could charge mobile etc during sun hours if adjusting voltage.

Now we have basics to think in pictures.

May be she didn't smoked her pot yesterday.
RT @haimadeshpande
How come Kangana Ranaut has not commented yet on the raids on Anurag Kashyap and Tapsee Pannu? She’s actually letting the opportunity go waste? Losing her touch maybe ! @ranjona

I have to say this!! @stux Thanks, Beautiful people in the Fediverse , Mastodon Thanks, my first 7 days on this network have been a great experience and I never thought I was going to find out a community like this one...

this fennec is kind of busy right now, but will stop by to chat later.

Does anyone know any good IRC (internet relay chat) forums?

Got you a sunset and some early flowers.

Also finally got a decent deltachat account.

#sunset #florespondece

That happens, when one like me doesn't know about zoom and that there are limits on people allowed... Believed, if it is online any number of people can join and pay for. So, money saved and free time this evening.

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