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I'll mute anyone, faking himself "more true" by twitter-like blue ticks.
People cheating others - go away!
Doesn't matter which instance you come from. Seeing blue tick - getting muted instantly.

After you changed behaviour, fine for getting unmuted again. Dm me that case.

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Anyone from Germany or maybe visiting once there, which could send to me?
Other names: Aegle marmelos L., bili, bhel, Bengal quince, golden apple, Japanese bitter orange, stone apple or wood apple.

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Schematics if thinking about .

This is for having things running first, not for perfection. Things can be improved step by step, like one has money and time.
Even without battery you could charge mobile etc during sun hours if adjusting voltage.

Now we have basics to think in pictures. Berlin Mai 2020

Wir kommen um zu bleiben! für

Wir sind und entschlossen!

Wir richten uns an jene, die das Schlamassel verantworten! zur

Wir richten uns an jene, die die Möglichkeiten haben, notwendige Entscheidungen zu treffen!

Hi everyone! I'm Rob - a Software Engineering Manager

Bitte unbedingt mit unterzeichnen! Die Lobby"arbeit" muß transparent werden, sonst haben wir keine Chance, das Klima zu retten.

I'm new here..just want to meet people. I'm tired of FB

Hello there. I’m just a guy in his mid-20s, obsessed with movies, comics, and Star Wars. Not much else to me. Happy to be here!

Hello Mastodon! I'm DroopCat. I'm into electronics n' building stuff. Meow

Hi! As I am a lover, I like to immortalize its beauty in pictures.


Siehe Bilder.
Bitte weiter teilen, besonders in Berlin.
Kuscheltier weg ist ja voll schlimm...

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