While I was reading the book Normal People, seeing how the girl tuck her hair behind, I miss you again. I miss the way you hold my warm jacket for me; I miss how you help me out with my hair; I miss your hand all over me.

I was so happy, dancing and singing in front of the dryer while folding my laundries. My roommates who were busy on some puzzles asked me “did you just get promoted or find some lucky money?” I was suddenly ‘pissed’ but not really pissed. We are stuck in a lockdown if you can’t find happiness in the fresh and detergent smell (smile), how can you possibly be happy? Money and power don’t speak for all!

Silly question: what’s the difference between mastodon.social and mstdn.social?

In a typical Californian sunny day, me and my roommates are chewing on our chocolate chip icecream and humming Christmas songs in the living room. Every time after we sung “it begins to feel like Christmas,” we bursted into a huge laughter. The magic of the quarantine is shown.

@halcyon At this moment, Game Stop by its name should warn me they meant “Game to Stop”. Its coded in their genes! I should trust the name. It is also a lesson for me. Capitalism is addictive.

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@halcyon Some additional information here: I already received the Animal Crossing, and 20 dollar coupon they promised, and a pro-controller which I’m 90% certain I’ll not use.

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GameStop, once a gaming store I have never encountered before, finally notified me that the Nintendo Bundle I purchased early-April finally had an update. They will finally have availability to send out my Switch in TWO MORE WEEKS. What do you expect me to do now?

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