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Wow uhhh I am having some THOUGHTS for someone that previously I didn't think I was romantically or sexually interested in at all until now since we were really good friends and it's intense wow lmao what?!

Tall trans women make me turn to mush I love you 🫠💞💞

Made a bunch of cool stream assets for when I feel the courage to stream on twitch and it's all looking so cute!!

The one thing stopping me from playing Total Chaos is my horrendous fear of spiders and anything similar to them

I have massive crushes on people way out of my league.
I need help dude hhhhhhhhhhhh

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the blizzard diversity wheel: hilarious, stupid, dumb

understanding the reason for the blizzard diversity wheel: depressing, exhausting, makes you want to burn ceos

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Sketch I did yesterday while my brain was exploding.

Librarian goblin!

If I was a librarian, I would dress exactly like this.

#goblin #MastoArt #CreativeToots #wip #sketch

Bought this today and I'm realising that my Xbox 360 is just slowly becoming my racing games machine

Is it just me or is this new kendrick album a slog to get through??

Getting turned away when buying a pre-owned copy of Akira is definitely a sad string of words in many ways lmao

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Got ID'd when trying to buy a dvd copy of Akira
I don't have any ID at all
I did not get Akira

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you "develop software" why don't you develop a polycule of bitches instead

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