🕹️​ Game: Conan Exiles

🏆​ Trophy: To crush all trophies beneath sandaled feet ()

🗒️​ Description: For completing all trophies

⚙️​ Platform: 4​

📕​ Genre: ,


🕹️​ Game: Horizon Chase Turbo

🏆​ Trophy: That Was Close (Bronze)

🗒️​ Description: Win a race with less than 0.1s of difference from the runner-up

⚙️​ Platform: PlayStation 4​

📕​ Genre: Arcade, Driving/Racing

Listening to the classic 93 ’Til Infinity by Souls of Mischief @SOMHIERO@twitter.com and wishing a happy April birthday to all the members A-Plus @HieroAPLUS@twitter.com, Opio @opiohierosom@twitter.com, Phesto @phestohierosoul@twitter.com, and Tajai @RapNoir@twitter.com .

"Education is the sleeping pill that makes dreams happen." -- Peggy Hill

4-day work week ...How about a 4-day weekend instead?

Your password is case-sensitive and must contain at least 4,000 characters, including letters, at least two numbers, at least one of the following special characters !@©®#$♥%^ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔ&*'Ω/"()_♲=+[]\|,.?- and a sacrifice.

I found a from the late 1900’s. It’s surprisingly in good condition, and even works without access!

Planted a three years ago, how much longer before I see a ?

I ate a processed item without first reading the label. I think I will be ok, maybe.

Warning: Those used in will look good after re-packing for resale but, will not be great for once they are “exhausted from !” Watch out and do your retailer research.

The web apps that ask for “phone number” verification are in the dark ages of . This device has no cellular service, it’s been years since I had to “dial” someone to speak with them.

Any for 202.2 yet?

These yearly are always breaking something but, don’t seem to fix the previous ?

I just updated ♨️ and it said my PC was too old run 🎮 !

Anyway, what makes a good 💻 these days?

The only requirements are support for and minimum of two external displays.

I can’t remember the last time I saw a tv which is interesting considering I don’t watch .

Phone: Ready for update
Me: Ok
Phone: Apps updated and all sign-in information has been deleted.
Me: ….

I was excited to see a 🎮 that I like on sale, went to check it out and…

I already own it!😎

I saw a demo of the “meta meeting space”, honestly the on the looks much better than this.

How about we setting up the meetings in or any with a lobby would work.

I hit a few snags with some services not liking the idea of luckily there are people that have nice solutions 👍.

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The graphics for “Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition” by 😎 Games, looks fine on a 📺 !

🎮 🚔

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