Replaced the thermal paste on my Threadripper that some idiot (me) had previously done; PC no longer sounds like someone revving at a red light.

But why do CPU coolers require the use of those strange bendy bit driver extensions?

@revk Apple has the advantage of having quite a bit of experience with fat binaries - all the way back to NextStep (if they have any engineers that old).

re: (C) programming poll! :boost_ok:​ 

@meena Of course just because I think I know what register and volatile are doesn't mean I'm right!

@revk And of course it should really be "we choose not to accept" not "we cannot accept".

@nivex @revk Plus you've forgotten the "fun" of multiple levels of NAT.

@sevan by Nyarlathotep's nipple clamps, I do hate when that happens. No ZFS-on-root (my desktop was originally built when ZFS-on-root was very prototypey) but I have the equivalent on a very old Ubuntu server at $work with a too small /boot.

Ubuntu upgraded; only "issue" so far is that dürer relied on certain behaviour from hsetroot.

@misty I have a sneaking suspicion that if you get enough virtual Macs started inside virtual Macs, you can eventually just turn off the physical Mac and the virtual ones will just carry on.

Ridiculous of course, but I still keep trying.

How come those opposed to gun control measures never come up with measures to prevent mass shootings themselves? Like massively increasing mental health care funding?

Perhaps because they don't give a shit.

@sevan Cool definitely. But I'm not sure I'd call it "porting" - there used to be a way of running COFF x86 binaries from SysV under Linux many aeons ago - I used it to run Uniplex, WordPerfect, and Informix in "legacy" mode for $work.

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