Ubuntu upgraded; only "issue" so far is that dürer relied on certain behaviour from hsetroot.

@grumpygrimnir worried my bpool is insufficiently sized. Still on 20.04 but it has now started complaining about space when regenerating the ramdisk on updates. I zapped all the snapshots but it still trips over itself (I used the default settings).

@sevan by Nyarlathotep's nipple clamps, I do hate when that happens. No ZFS-on-root (my desktop was originally built when ZFS-on-root was very prototypey) but I have the equivalent on a very old Ubuntu server at $work with a too small /boot.

@grumpygrimnir I thought I'd cleared out all the snapshots on bpool, turned out not so.
zfs list -t snapshot -o name | grep ^bpool | xargs -n 1 sudo zfs destroy -r
it's happy now.

> zfs list bpool
bpool 239M 1.52G 96K /boot

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