Replaced the thermal paste on my Threadripper that some idiot (me) had previously done; PC no longer sounds like someone revving at a red light.

But why do CPU coolers require the use of those strange bendy bit driver extensions?

Ubuntu upgraded; only "issue" so far is that dürer relied on certain behaviour from hsetroot.

How come those opposed to gun control measures never come up with measures to prevent mass shootings themselves? Like massively increasing mental health care funding?

Perhaps because they don't give a shit.

It's official. It's reached the time of year when a short stroll turns socks in boots into a gooey mess. They may not quite stick to the wall, but they certainly take their time about climbing down.

When an e-ink watch loses power, it retains the last on screen image. Which if you're dumb can lead to a /long/ wait for your evening meal.

If you know a vinyl freak, just mention the Puffin; the dsp-based photo stage. That's right, a /digital/ signal-processor phono stage that works by converting vinyl to digital to "fix" it.

And watch their heads explode :)

Bugger! Just seen one of the cybersecurity awareness ads advocating passwords like cardigan-snail-moon.

Now I have passwords to change.

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