Made some toast bread. Proofing was a little to long so it got these large pores, but it came out very tasty. With wheat and spelt. 😋

Just a random sushi place near us now does this packaging. I am very happy and impressed.

When I step out of the supermarket, removing the strips of my mask first and giving a stern look into the distance, walking a few seconds mask still on, ears-free.

food, environment 

Great short article on why what you eat usually matters more than where you source it from with examples and exceptions. Basically this image explained. Also with links to diagrammes of CO2eq per gram of protein or per kilocalorie instead of per weight (which is in the included image).

Hey @apps! I think I found a small :

The autocomplete for emojis after entering a colon and typing adds the wrong emoji when I tap it. Here's two pictures of what I mean:

scary or disgusting maybe 

picture 1: darth vader and demogorgon dancing limbo

picture 2: darth vader and demogorgon doing a pinata

a snake eating 

A tiny snake eating a huge toad.

Hey people! :blobcatboo:

This is your 1-day-warning. If you had been planning to sign the for a program to reduce dependence on today is your last chance!

Signing can be done online in 2 minutes online, your name is not publicly visible. There are still 8000 signatures needed to make the deliberate about this. So if you like this, ask your friends, neighbours or colleagues if it is their cup of tea too!

This is only a suggestion to the parliament, you do not need to support every single point of it as this will still be discussed anyway, you do not vote on a law or something, just a general direction for MPs to talk about.

Happy signing! :ablobcatreach:

Happy Easter everyone!

In case you are wondering: the images show an (roughly easter braid (yes, not bread)) which is a sweet or served on and braided from varying numbers of dough strands.

Ok, now is overdoing it with its national treasures. After car manufacturing and beer brewing we passed a recycled paper factory!
You can stop it now, country!


Now I also passed a brewery of one of Germany's largest beer brands. This train ride is in a nutshell: cars 🚙 and beer 🍺. Sorry for the bad image quality... 😅

Btw, don't try that brand (if you can decipher it from the image), not good.

And think about buying a bike, if you want German engineering. We make great bikes as well! Also with a motor, so... 😉

Just passing Wolfsburg, Germany where Volkswagen manufactures. Incredible to see all those new (?, probably...) cars ready for transport to their new owners in front of the container terminal. Got my phone out a bit late, so this is ~1/4 of all the cars that I saw. Use them wisely, folks!

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