Having a food intolerance really makes you understand how culturally appropriated people must feel. First, nobody cares about you and you are left without food when cooking together. Then people think you're quirky or fancy, declare your alternative foods chic and munch through your only edible things. Leaving you with no food again.

And if you bring your own food, they eat it, leaving you with no food again.

Yes yes! There is simply no way around it. You either become that prick who doesn't share their food or you go hungry. 🤷

@grob @Luise woah, that sucks. I just know such situations when you are vegetarian or vegan and at the place all people decide "oh today I want to eat the stuff WITHOUT meat" and then the only leftovers are non vegetarian/vegan stuff. But I can imagine that this is worse in case of food intolerance.

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