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baby rats 

Ratling update, day 12: Petunia's brood is eleven strong. All the pups have fuzz on them now with their patterns beginning to show. Ears are out and on full display. It'll be a day or two before their eyes open as well. They're still instinctively huddling into a warm pile but it's going to be pure madness in a few days when they all start exploring on their own.

Petunia gave birth last night!

When our shelter gets rats who may be pregnant they have volunteers foster them for the duration of a pregnancy before allowing them to be adopted. We've watched 'tuni steadily gain weight and build a nest out of scrap cloth over the last few weeks and last night I heard the little laser like squeaks of these pups coming from her nest.

Good Morning!

During the winter the first part of my day is usually restarting a fire in the woodstove. Finding red embers in the ash is like finding 20 minutes of setup time since I can bypass ignition, tinder and even kindling by using a set of bellows to get the remnants glowing hot again.

I think there is an analogy to be made here about the benefits of momentum and the costs of running to true empty vs just running low. Then again, I don't think every observation needs to be tied to some kind of broad, general life lesson. Maybe it's enough to know that it's easier to keep a fire going than start one.

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There's a very nice merge request from jetomit for adding support for the Kobo Clara HD ereader in @postmarketOS

Here's it running a mainline kernel with some patches with #sxmo

So slax ended up checking all my boxes and happened to be easy to install on flash media

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Looking for a portable Linux distro recommendation. I'd like to avoid packing my laptop when traveling but have SSH keys, passwords and tools ready to use on a borrowed computer. Something like TAILS with its encrypted storage option would be good but I don't need the built-in Tor functionality.

What are you using for a USB bootable OS with persistent and preferably encrypted storage?

question: how can I set up a keybinding to open a terminal below (horizontally) the active window?

By default Mod+enter opens a terminal to the right. Is there a flag to bindsym or exec that would make Mod+shift+enter open the same below?

The pups have their first coats now. Their eyes opened yesterday. :ratstand:

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🌲 Descriptive catalogue of flowering, ornamental trees, shrubs, bulbs, herbs, climbers, fruit trees, &c., &c., &c. /.
Yokohama, Japan: Yokohama Nursery Co.

Reminder: WiFi modules for your older laptops are cheaper and easier to replace than you think. $11 to pull the one pictured and replace with a newer model that keeps up with my wireless gear.

Forced myself to draw for the first time in awhile. Once I started, time disappeared. I hope to keep up the habit this time.

A of a lightbulbhouse.

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