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🌲 Descriptive catalogue of flowering, ornamental trees, shrubs, bulbs, herbs, climbers, fruit trees, &c., &c., &c. /.
Yokohama, Japan: Yokohama Nursery Co.

Reminder: WiFi modules for your older laptops are cheaper and easier to replace than you think. $11 to pull the one pictured and replace with a newer model that keeps up with my wireless gear.

Forced myself to draw for the first time in awhile. Once I started, time disappeared. I hope to keep up the habit this time.

A of a lightbulbhouse.

curious rat 

Penelope's motto:
If you can't find a treasure -- treasure what you find.

Found out my job will give me an automatic $1/hr raise whenever I submit proof of a relevant certification. Currently have zero. Any suggestions on fun/useful/valuable certifications to chase?

For context, I'm a NOC grunt with lots of informal Juniper/Adtran/Cisco experience. Spend most of the day in a shell on something Linux or something BSD. Interested in security, automation and the kind of shovel-based alchemy that turns antique copper into shiny strands of glass.

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Vous êtes pas près, mon blob rat final est juste génial !

Oui, j'ai passer ma nuit dessus è_é

Vous avez la permission de le prendre et en faire ce que vous voulez, au cas ou

@Sylvhem @milia Possible de l'avoir sur Eldritch, s'il vous plais ? :blob_cat:

pkm, notes, note-taking 

Also, does anyone have recommendations for alternatives to that I might compare? I found which I will be looking at as well but my interest in the general category of and has been piqued.


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pkm, notes, note-taking 

Investigating method and trying to understand what it offers over using a wiki. One difference I see is the focus on small, self-written entries traditionally limited to the size of an index card.

My question is what does this offer over and maintaining a style of keeping entries limited to a terminal window or character count?

gaming, pathologic 2 

Started playing last night and loving the style. The disordered narrative lends itself perfectly to discovery which is a welcome break from the mechanical optimizing of the RTS games I tend to play. It has that noir quality of piecing the story together in an unwelcoming, sometimes hostile environment. Beautiful characters, an array of macabre items of inscrutable purpose, and the frantic struggle to do *something* before time runs out. A story puzzle.

boggle when they're happy. Octavia demonstrates here as Penelope tries to get comfortable.

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I see this pattern often where someone has to duplicate a hashtag to include the singular and plural forms:

Is there a way to avoid this or is that just how it goes?

Question for the and other harried : how do you mix a proper NOC-tail?


The current recipe I'm looking to replace:
* 6 oz lukewarm water
* 200 mg ibuprofen
* dried coffee film left in mug from yesterday

Swirl ingredients into a gentle vortex. Get a glimpse of another childhood dream before it's sucked beneath the surface of bland comforts, routine and alienation.

Pixel flashcard for 'jaki': disgusting, unclean, dirty. Pronounced 'YAH-kee' (think 'yucky')

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