@netkitty gives lots of patpats, some healthy bytes, and opens a datastream
Dis gud? :3

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@netkitty yayy, a cute pettable lil' fluffball!
Gives headpats

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@netkitty gets back to bed
Oh, okay, I guess it's not time to work anymore =w=

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Certified Softest Software Around!
Small, speedy, and compatible with your favorite OS.
Install A Small Friend ❤️ :floppy_cat:

@netkitty I already did a long time ago, though!
I'm getting around one message a day from it, and it answers my answers!

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Hier soir j'ai tranquillement terminé le dernier Monkey Island. Alors verdict ? Oui, c'est un digne épisode de la saga Monkey Island et, oui, il a quelque maladresses. Dans l'ensemble cela reste un très bon jeu !

@netkitty gives headpats and scritches behind the ears
And of course, you are an unlimited source of cuteness!

@patrickwu I have a feeling someone's not gonna sleep tonight

@netkitty @kassie@treehouse.systems lies down near both of you
Am sleepy wolf too..

@netkitty @BollerwagenPicard that's so very mew of you!
I hope @BollerwagenPicard will get many feel good vibes too!!
Awoo >w<

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