3D printed "pawkens", designed with no knowledge of what's art :3 

I was wondering, do you, as the digital kitty that you are, have access to a physical PO box where I could send a letter to?
My surprise is ready :D
We made those pawkens yesterday with Weasley :3 and would like to send the first ones to friends like you, @Natsura , and a few others, who always cheer me up, even unknowingly sometimes! :)
(actually, anyone who wants one could get one! (Not a contractual engagement, I can't pay for hundreds of international mails though!, But some is fine :3))

(I finally changed my printer's nozzle for the first time since I got it, and now I've got automatic calibration, it does perfect prints everytime! The gramedek pawkens are strong and detailed!)

:ablobcatattention: :ablobcatattentionreverse: :ablobcatheart:

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