What have the strongest man in the world, a bull, and a gorilla in common?

Yes, they eat VEGAN!

Meine Firma hat wollte sich tatsächlich dafür aussprechen


als VideoChat zu integrieren!...
Ich meine ....hallo? Lest ihr keine Nachrichten?

Qatar is planning a curfew!

Internet is restricted. VPN only goes through ofuscated servers... no idea what this is about

Why toilet paper?
Well, is there an alternative in the western world?

Toilet paper is a part of western civilization and by preserving it we secure our future.

And best of all, for 99 cents.

Have you done your homework yet? :0120:

Qatar Government, effective immediately, entry to the State of Qatar will only be allowed for Qatari nationals, who will be required to enter quarantine for a period of 14 days.

Passport holders of other nations will no longer be granted entry for a period of 14 days, after which the restrictions will be reviewed. Passengers with onward connections through HIA will be accepted for travel and Qatar Airways’ global network will continue its operation

Why don't they just say, stay at home and no charges on delivery service! :0120:

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