The upcoming Blender 2.93 is now in Beta. The new splash screen has been revealed (art by Erindale).

You can download 2.93 beta here:

And you can check Erindale's amazing art and node's wizardry here:

Over the last 4 days I spent around 70h on my pc working with @Blender .
My wife thinks I'm having a very dysfunctional "affair" 😂

"Germany's 8th largest city wants to use open-source software wherever possible with an aim to digitalize public participation with the government."


Can anyone recommend a good course/tutorial (free or paid) focused on architectural 2d drafting? Don't need any BIM ou 3D workflows, just the 2D part from start to finish (new project rom scratch and/or import dwg and edit) and then layout.


The international signal for help.

Let's make it known all over the world. It will make a difference.

One of the main problems I see with Free and Open Source Software, is people thinking they'll get the exact same thing they get from proprietary softwares, but for free.
Some of these softwares are really good and try to be different and improve the best they can, and users like this guy don't contribute at all with this kind of comment. Maybe if he tried to find help within the community and give constructive criticism, his experience would've been way better.

With the boom of Cryptoart, NFT's, etc, this kind of thing crossed my mind, but in my ingenuity I thought those platforms would have the necessary security measures to confirm and approve only art from it's creators. Of course not all platforms are the same, some are better, others are just a cesspool that will ignore everything just to profit the way they can.
And this is going to escalate really really fast...

Blender LTS just got updated!

Steam, Windows Store and Snap update automatically.

Download & changelog at:

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