A patch release is out fixing issues with uploading animated emoji/stickers, pre-filling file names, and some markdown issues.

Checkout: app.cinny.in

#matrix #cinnyapp #reactjs #foss

The question isn't whether people "care" about #privacy or not. Everyone does. The question is if they understand that less privacy is a #social issue, not just a #personal one. The question is if they understand what it actually means to be on commercial social media; who they're feeding & how. The question is if they have any other option.

It's the #capitalists we're fighting - not the "workers". So be kind, & keep #fighting, #thinking, #making, #feeling, #saying, #doing.


We're running some user research! Do you want to help us get to know you and understand how you listen to podcasts?

Then please complete this short form (<5 minutes): survey.antennapod.org/index.ph

You can let us know on there if you’d be happy to take part in an interview and help us learn!

Moi mili, pamiętacie obiecaną promocję ebooków? No to wreszcie udało się załatwić :) W sklepie wydawnictwa IX macie podarunek specjalnie dla Fediverse: kod dający zniżkę 8 (osiem) złotych na wszystkie ebooki, co oznacza, że możecie kupować elektroniczne wydania między 9.99 a 11.99.


Kod ważny do 10 września 2022 roku. Będę przypominał o nim czasami, bo może ktoś akurat przegapi, albo chce kupić dopiero za jakiś czas.

W sklepie: dużo horrorów, weird fiction, SF i fantasy. Postaram się przekopiowywać parę opisów dostępnych pozycji.

Proszę bustujcie dla zasięgu :)

Is there something like pinterest or deviantart in the #fediverse? I know of pixelfed, but is there anything else image-oriented?

Setting up a new TV decoder box for my mum. I can see the manufacturer of this thing conducted extensive market research and offered the best choice of options they could.

Reminder that Mozilla Common Voice exists:


They can use some more speech samples! Esp female voices.

#Mozilla #commonvoice

I used to be a scout for 10 years.
I hate how scouting teaches, I mean, pushes authoritarian behavior in children.
I don't think we should raise children through yelling and punishment.

#NextCloud CEO and founder Frank Karlitschek was approached by a #Microsoft lawyer earlier this year to make a deal.

In the meeting, the Microsoft correspondent offered benefits in the form of collaboration and marketing to Nextcloud. For example, they wanted to promote the Nextcloud logo in Microsoft marketing material – if Nextcloud would consider dropping its anti-trust complaint.

Microsoft used to be a company of jerks, liars and cheaters 40 years ago, it remains a company of jerks, liars and cheaters today.


Video of my #MCH2022 talk about #Signal is already available:

> This is a rant about how moving ecosystems are not a good reason for centralizing a crucial service, how stickers are no substitute for a desktop client that does not crash, and how effectively shutting out less popular OS platforms is just not cool.

This is a rant. Take with a grain of salt and perhaps some popcorn.


Would you rather prefer an early app beta release at the expense of some missing features like DMs and Stories or would you rather wait for a feature complete release?

Feedback and shares are greatly appreciated! #pixelfedApp

PicPlanner Version 0.1 is now on Flathub! 🥳


Please, feel free to download, share with your photography-loving friends (or anyone else who wants to know the position of the sun, moon, and milky way), and please don't forget to give me some feedback on what you think or what is annoying 😅.

If you have a #Librem5 or #PinePhone it would be awesome if you could send me a screenshot.

Big thanks to @Suzie97 for offering your help and drawing most of the icons.

Ok, just setup an RSS reader account as a beginner and created some folders and learned how to add/delete feeds

Please Tell Me your favorite blogs/feeds that you follow (boosts appreciated)

My main interests are news/politics/history, books (sci fi and much more), photography, film, art, sewing, cooking/recipes, random eccentricities/ hobbyists, social commentators, and in general interesting people/places/concepts/writing

A translator's job is to translate a work to a different language as closely as possible – don't distort the original just because it's a bit challenging linguistically or because of your “beliefs”.

Cool website indicators addons for Firefox:

Just Delete Me,
It shows how hard it is to delete an account on visited website as simple green, yellow, red and black colors.

Shows in which country website server is placed.

Terms of Service; Didn't Read,
Gives you a quick look at the most important points in the website's terms of service with easy ranking in A-E scale.

Pierwszy odcinek mojego podcastu.Salonik u Jacka - o technologiach asystujących, dostępności i podobnych sprawach anchor.fm/jaczad/episodes/Navi

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