The top comment in this progressive metal song about a depressed teenager is "How did a 40 year-old man write a song that so succinctly captured my experience being a teenager in the 2000's, while it was happening no less?" (Snake Boy 2019)

And uh... fair enough....

Si alguien se llama Marco, ha de ser gracioso aprender por pirmera vez sobre los "Marcos Conceptuales"

Freedom Rising by Christian Welzel is one of the most fascinating texts I've read. I love the coherence of the argument, the extensive documentation, and the search for and the finding of validity! It will for sure be one of the texts that I consistently come back to when I want to frame an argument in a broad framework. Besides, it guides my thought and my political aspirations for the world!

One of my favorite things from the Spanish language is that trickle down economics translates to economía de derrame, which can be translated back into English literally as stroke economics, as in having a stroke.

Yesterday someone posted a blog post with a bunch of FLOSS alternatives to paid and other nasty software... it included a summary of the blog post, a summary that was split between toots. Anyway, does anyone know where it went? 😭 i can’t find it 😢

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New Krugman-inspired game to play when reading economics papers: replace "agents" for "people" and "individuals" for "humans.

The difference between "The most important investment for the majority of individuals is a home." and "The most important investment for most humans is a home." is massive. One makes you think "oh yeah, individuals". The other makes you think "Boy, humans really work that much just to pay for a house?"

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:blobstop: HALT FEDIZENS :blobcatstop:

Horny is spreading rapibly throughout the Fediverse, Hence the Fedipolice has created various Bonking check points throughout Fediverse in view of stopping and eradicating Horny. :blobcatpolice:

Visit your nearest Bonking centre and get yourself bonked immediately. Help Fediverse get rid of horny :blobcatsuit:


De nada me sirve que tu artículo académico diga "Fuente: Elaboración propia con la base de datos de CEPAL" si no pones la cita más tarde y es imposible encontrar esa supuesta base de datos con buscadores usando palabras claves...

The oddest thing from the new year is to see Google Scholar change its 'most recent research' options to a year further into the future. Suddenly all the cutting-edge research becomes old

I loved git-annex so much, I started looking into Haskell and functional languages... and boy was I not happy when I found out it's not that popular. That got me back into programming, so I figured why not try Project Euler. I solved a few problems with R, but it felt like cheating because of the libraries (idk... it just did...) AND IT WASN'T FUNCTIONAL! So I googled the languages. Swift is functional? Ugh but Apple's behind. Rust? Mozilla? C++-COMPARABLE RUNTIME? HOLY SHIT. I'M IN LOVE. 😍😍😍

I'm just learning about git-annex, and it's a beautiful concept omg

Creo que entiendo mejor a la gente que hace su propia vajilla con cerámica cuando dicen que “Se siente bien hacerlo por tu cuenta.” Paré de usar Notion y ahora estoy usando Joplin. Por pura gana mía, estoy manteniendo control de versiones con Git. Se siente muy bien describir qué hice en la última hora de trabajo, por más que haya sido tomar notas mientras leo.

If you want to run a good tabletop role-playing game session with your friends, you could pre-plan a narrative. But that will constrain your creativity 😐 and the game’s fun 😪, since the second players deviate from the plan, you’re trying to railroad them back🙄. But if you go with minimal preparation, the flexibility of it all makes it amazing🙃! I just had a great session of Apocalypse World. Minimal prep. Loads of flexibility. More player agency. We all had more fun! 🥳😊😄

What a way to start the year: spilling a spoonful of milk on your computer

Por ser conscientes, tenemos el problema de entendernos a nosotros mismos 😟. Es más problemático aún hacerlo si vivimos entre otras especies😬. Algunos 'resuelven' el problema diciendo que somos diferentes a los animales😕.
Pero este estudio se suma a la realidad que nosotros mismos creamos la división entre 'naturaleza' y 'humano'. Nos trae la esperanza de reconocer lo dependientes que somos de la tierra y nuestros vecinos con escamas, microscópicos, o peludos 😌 🌍 🦦 🧫.

It's worrying that Mastodon is susceptible to misinformation, since there is no way either moderators can keep up with so many posts or a decentralized AI system let small players be part of the platform. That's why I really hope @Eunomia 's work, if shown effective, gets integrated into @Mastodon. Users —with the guide of an interface letting us calm down, assess sources, and generally assess knowledge—, through distributed work via flagging or whatever, are the solution.

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