Green warmongering escalates to unseen proportions

What happened to Germany’s pacifists?

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greek ex-finance minister Varoufakis in a Twitter debate over a DS9 analogy :-) The best Star Trek by far IMHO

RT @yanisvaroufakis: Eddington deserted because he objected to a Federation treaty that forced some of its own settlers to return home to secure a peace that would save millions of lives => Eddington principled but wrong. Plus, his critique had no bearing on the Prime Directive

Germany: Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) last to announce agenda for 2021 elections

They certainly took their time, but on June 21, the two chairmen of the sister parties CDU and CSU announced the party platform on which the Union is running under chancellor candidate Armin Laschet. The agenda doesn’t fail to dissapoint. A quick analysis.

Party platform of the Liberals and possible cooperation with the Greens - The campaign and growing support of Germany’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) and possibilities of their cooperation with other parties like the Greens and CDU (“Jamaica”) or Greens and SPD (“Traffic Light”) after the 2021 Bundestag elections

Baerbock wins Green nomination #Superwahljahr2021 German politics, opinionated 

The 40-year-old party chairwoman and pragmatic green politician becomes first ever female chancellorship candidate of her party, promises to be candidate of change. Continued high support for Green party in polls gives her a real shot as Merkel’s successor. In first interview after nomination, Baerbock advocates for hardliner course against Russia and China.

Germany's STIKO withdraws recommendation of AstraZeneca shot for people under 60

The newest decision of Germany’s top vaccine agency will almost definitely delay the end of the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany by months.

The week in German COVID-19 politics 

This week’s inconsistent pandemic management and communications chaos makes priorities of Merkel government painfully obvious. Interests of commerce and employers take precedence over pandemic control.

German election hype, next episode: 

Gemany’s second most supported Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Party will run on a bold social and climate agenda including doubling of carbon price, no production of combustion engine vehicles after 2030, 45 % tax for incomes over 100 000 EUR, 24 months of parental leave and flexible working hours. No decision over candidacy for chancellor.

Post from a few weeks ago on the hype around the Clubhouse app in Germany and the World

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