Staying in a stunting circle just because it is familiar is a disservice to self.

I don't even know what is happening - all I know is - a lot is happening. लोल.

Our needs and wants have overpowered our own well-being. And I often question, if that is the cost of meeting our demands, is it even worth it?

I think we are meant for simple, easy lives...for smiles, happiness, love and peace. The rush, the hustle, the craving for all else is just taking life away.

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For the not-so-conscious-of-privacy or what-have-I-got-to-hide folks.

These sort of violations cause you harm that's VERY REAL, especially financially.

You would NOT unlock your personal phone and share it with strangers.

Installing rogue apps is the same thing.


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An "app" installed on your phone can be a lot worse than a one time intruder in your house.


Ideally, don't use any app that's the slightest bit intrusive. Boycott service providers who don't give you fully functional websites.

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'O Fly On' is meditative- my go to song- when I'm sad, when I miss them, when I cry, when I don't want to let them go- it makes me think, calms me, gives me strength, gathers me. I've never played it only once, always on repeat.

Thank you ! 💕💕

some songs mean more than the music and the lyrics..

They leave people guessing five-letter words each day but couldn't find one five-letter word to name the game?!

*Let me look at it another way. Yes, can handle it better now.*

If there is something that can ease things for you, it is the better understanding of your own self.

Tab chuppi nahi rehti thi,
ab kucch kehne ko nahi rehta.
Woh bhi kya din thhe,
yeh kya din hain?!

The more you read, the more you want to read.

kitna bhi bhaag lein, khud se nahin bach sakte!

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