Windows, then! 🤭😇

Hm, I don't drink coffee. 🙇

@dallin @frankie Probably just the mindset ;)
Which Distro do you use? Maybe that tells us how you would prepare your coffee :D

turecká káva (grained coffee > mug > hot water > done) : get source from github > compile > install > done

@frankie Missing the French press – my laptop runs PureOS, is this related?

Not fully accurate. I'm Debian user with an old french press.

@oausi Always I'm a Debian user with an "Ubuntu" style espresso machine :-) @frankie

What are you if you manually grind the beans for each coffee you make, then use a Bialetti espresso maker on a camping cooker (gas cartridge) set on low?

@tether @frankie

That sounds like a Build-From-Scratch Linux distro. :D

Yeah, a friend said the same, LFS. Guess that's a project then? :blobsmilesweat:


I'd guess someone coding kernel stuff in assembly 🛠️ 😁


@frankie lol i'm Debian/Ubuntu user but make my coffe like an arch one :D
Maybe i have to think about some change in my life? 🤔

Misst der hat recht ..... Woher weiss der das ? Mein Kaffee Automat mein Debian 🙂

@frankie damn, they hit the nail on the head for me

@frankie Drip coffee is Ubuntu. Percolator is Debian. Stove top percolator is PCLinuxOS.

Notice how only the Fedora coffee mug is showing any signs of happiness.

@frankie Siphon would be Slackware then?
what would be cold brew and nitro 🤔

@frankie (just noticed the bit about Lemmy, reminder that the creator is super tanky stalinist)

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