@frankie To put that into perspective, that's a little over 810,000 times every second.

@frankie Yeah... But so what? I honestly don't understand why that's a problem for the vast majority of people. It's not like you don't get something in return for all that data, you get to use free services they provide. That's the trade, and it's plenty good enough deal for most people.


It's not a problem for the majority of the people, coz many are unaware this happens, and even those who're aware don't really care.
It's the minority of people who are troubled by it.

And some think that that's not a price worth paying to get something for free. And so, they shun such products and embrace more privacy-respecting alternatives.

Even so, do you think the big tech need so much personal data to simply function. I don't think so, and why they collect so much data is simply to make more money, and they don't care about the means.

If this doesn't bother someone, that's okay. Privacy is also a choice. 😇

BTW, there are services that don't require you to trade your data l, while still offering us quite the same features. ❤️

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