Use iMessage on your Android phone! (Mac computer required)

Apple's messaging network iMessage has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, though it has long been locked down to their platforms.
But now, AirMessage makes it easy to send and receive messages to your friends and family through group chats, images, videos and audio messages!

- Send and receive messages over iMessage
- Chat together with your friends in groups
- Share images, videos, documents and more
- Enjoy a clean, beautiful messaging experience


@feditips @fdroidorg @apps LMAO, who said installing apk file on android is complicated? :D

Permission Pilot
Android permission explorer

A new kind of app to help the user view apps and which permissions they use.
* Search through apps and permissions
* Filter apps and permissions by specific criteria
* View apps that share the same IDs
* View apps with clones in different user profiles


Drive Stream
Stream video files from Google drive

Drive Stream is a Google drive client with only one purpose that is to stream video files unlike the official app, this app streams the actual files instead of transcoded streams.

This app is powered by Drive API, ExoPlayer and mpv-android.


Data Monitor
Track all your data usage - at one place

• Track daily data usage
• App-wise data usage stats
• Stats for different time period (last month, this year, all time etc).
• Mobile data as well as Wifi usage stats
• Weekly data usage overview
• Data Monitor widget and notification
• Data usage alert
• Custom mobile data reset time
• Network diagnostics
• App usage time
• No ads or In-app purchases
• Light-weight and Open Source


Top-down rogue-like adventure

You are a lone outsider in a strange, non-Euclidean world. As a Rogue, your goal is to collect as many treasures as possible. However, collecting treasures
attracts dangerous monsters (on the other hand, killing the monsters allows more treasures to be generated).

You can kill most monsters by moving into them. Similarly, if the monster was next to you at the end of your turn, it would kill you. The game protects you from getting yourself killed accidentally by ignoring moves which lead to instant death (similar to the check rule from Chess).


Ente ( @ente )
Encrypted photo storage - backup, organize and share your photos and videos.

ente is a cloud storage provider that provides end-to-end encryption for your data. Ente has open-source apps across Android, iOS, web and desktop that automatically backup your photos and videos.
Ente also makes it simple to share your albums with your loved ones. You can either share them directly with other Ente users, end-to-end encrypted; or with publicly viewable links.


Ivy Wallet
Personal finance and spending tracker app which helps you manage your money.

Ivy Wallet is a free budget manager and spending tracker app that’ll help you manage your personal finances with ease.

- Expense tracker
- Track income
- Personal finance app
- Organize money
- Budgeting
- Personal budget manager
- Save Money
- Track crypto portfolio


Plan and manage your savings goals easily

GreenStash is a simple android app to help you plan and manage your savings goals easily and establish the habit of saving money.

- Clean & beautiful UI based on Google's material design three guidelines.
- Add images to your saving goals to keep you motivated!
- View how much you need to save daily/weekly/monthly to achieve your goal before deadline.
- View detailed transaction (withdraw/deposit) history.
- Supports around 100+ local currency symbols.
- Inbuilt biometric app lock to keep your financial data safe and secure.
- Fully offline, greenstash doens't require internet permission to work.
- Compatible with Android 7.0 and above (API 24+)
- Comes in both light and dark mode.


Zood Location
Location Sharing App

Zood Location is an easy to use location sharing app leveraging end-to-end encryption.
With Zood Location, your family and loved ones can continuously share their location with each other. When you share with Zood, your information is protected using end-to-end encryption. That means the only people that can view your location are the people you share with.


DPI Tunnel v2
Free, simple and serverless solution against censorship for Android

DPITunnel is an app for Android made to bypass censorship, supports much desync techniques. Can be used on all Android devices that have root access: phones, tablet, TV boxes.
It is NOT VPN and won't change your IP.


Music Streaming and Downloading app made in Flutter!

Musify is an app for streaming and downloading music. Its features include:
- Online Song Search
- Streaming Support
- Offline Download Support
- 320Kbps m4a/mp3 Format
- ID3 Tags Attached
- Lyrics Support


A Jetpack Compose Android application for streaming music from YouTube Music.

ViMusic is an open source android application for streaming music from YouTube music

- Play any non-age-restricted song/video from YouTube Music
- Background playback
- Cache audio chunks for offline playback
- Search for songs, albums, artists and videos
- Display songs lyrics
- Local playlist management
- Reorder songs in playlist or queue
- Light/Dark theme



FitoTrack 🚴‍♂️​
A privacy oriented fitness tracker for Android

FitoTrack is a mobile app for logging and viewing your workouts. Whether you're running, cycling or hiking, FitoTrack will show you the most important information, with detailed charts and statistics. It is open-source and completely ad-free.

Simple news reader that keeps the noise low.

If you're tired of having to check a dozen websites and RSS feeds for your daily dose of news, then Thud is the app for you. Using a sleek, mosaic-like interface, Thud organizes all your news and feeds in one place so you can easily stay informed. Plus, with no filtration algorithms, you see the content you want in the most efficient way possible.

Silence ads in Accuradio, Spotify, Tidal & Pandora.

• Mutes ads automatically when they are being played.
• Lightweight and Minimal UI
• Configure which apps to remove ads in
• No bloat/external dependencies
• No inapp purchases or ads
• Easily extensible to other apps

Open source Mastodon client

tooot is an open source, simple yet elegant Mastodon mobile client.

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