If you use Android, you can find lots of Fediverse-related apps and other free open source software on @fdroidorg, an alternative to Google Play which emphasises privacy and ethical software.

Also, some apps which cost money on Google Play are free of charge on F-Droid, such as Fedilab @apps. (This is because the app devs encourage people to use F-Droid.)

Due to Google's anti-competition roadblocks, it's slightly tricky to install F-Droid, but once it's installed it's very easy to use. It looks and works very much like a normal app store.

If you are comfortable using an APK file you can get it from F-Droid's website at f-droid.org

For less technical people, there's a step-by-step beginner's guide to installing F-Droid at:



@feditips @fdroidorg @apps LMAO, who said installing apk file on android is complicated? :D

@fdroidorg @feditips @apps @foss_android Well if you have a Google account with advanced protection enabled it completely disables the ability to allow installing APK files, unless you download them on a PC and use adb to install them.

People have to enable installations from third parties and accept warnings from their device.
That can sound easy, but all that warnings to validate can afraid some people that are not used to.
Maybe because many of them think that the safe place is Google Play.
@feditips @fdroidorg

@apps @foss_android @feditips @fdroidorg this is definitely a dark pattern thing to scare as many users out of doing it as possible

here be dragons in the outer darkness
terrible things can happen if you venture forth
we cannot guarantee your safety
you must think twice about what you're doing
this action will have consequences

@foss_android @feditips @fdroidorg @apps Many people will find it too difficult to install an APK manually, even if the knew in the first place that such a thing existed. I have friends that are happy if they can find the "on" button and they would find it way too scary. They are not stupid, just that their talent doesn't lie with computing.

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