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for whoever needs to see this,,

i love you and keep being awesome :blobcatheart:

I don't blame Eris for wanting to leave. I've left the fediverse multiple times already because of how nasty a section of it is. And you know what's the worst part? They WANT the whole fediverse to just be a flaming pile of nazi trash. They look for the good people and the good instances to attack! Eris is one of the best people on fedi! Disqordia has been the best instance I've been on! I don't know if I want to be on fedi anymore if this is what it's all about...


blocking people for literally no reason

And, all of you, you know who you are, are talking about how you're glad it went down instead of consoling the people who got DMed 3 slurs and all of Eris' DMs. Specific fuck you to the people who say that channers are there.

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You all are VERY dissapointing.

Not only are you celebrating Disqordia going down, but you still believe channers are there. Even though they're not. Actually, this is more angering than dissapointing. Stop being childish idiots and please feel some sympathy.

Thank you.

Asking for help, donations, please share 

Hey everyone, I'm in a really desperate situation and I need urgently money for rent/food/meds, my mental health is at its worse and I have no way of making money right now. Help a trans woman of color in need. Any help is a blessing.

new hypothesis: has a federation whitelist

Software should not have self-updaters. That's the package manager's job.

What do you mean your operating system doesn't have a package manager? What kind of-

Hi all, I've moved to This account will no longer be active ;)

hi giys does anyone know of cool misskey instance with lots of pride emojos

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