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tagging mental health stuff with eu from now on because i think it's funny (european personality disorder)

oh here's the actual karmar manfes btw. post-inventing popcult communism and also estrogen

my mic cuts out a lot because i set the filter wrong but here's the run from yesterday

reposted to unlock it for the people. it's what karmar manfes would want.

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hey i'm going to speedrun hiveswap act 2 very very soon who wants to be on call (i won't start until i have a person or two on)

it's like 60% rivals but rivals is good. i will not apologize for this decision

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(teacher voice) if you guys don't behave i'm going to remove she/her from my bio

when fp is complicit in your war crimes [attached is the most pixelated hello kitty gif known to man]

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