Insect photo 

Four Spotted Chasers get dull sadly quickly, and they're far from rare, so you can make the mistake of ignoring them. When they are brand new and shiny though, before life has tarnished them, they are utterly magnificent.

There's a little tiny deer pottering around our house. He's been wandering around for a few days and he's incredibly cute. I'm happy because if he's in the gardens he's safe from the roads but there isn't really enough space for him to thrive, so I worry about him trying to cross the bypass to get back to the open fields.

So out of touch if it weren’t so damn serious it’d be laughable.

We can cope with rising inflation, insists Boris Johnson.

If you have a local election today, #VoteTheToryCriminalsOut today.

For Elsie.

For the country.

Tiny weevil on GIANT finger 

I'm cheating here. I took this AGES SO but it's rainy and miserable here so I dug it out.

Invite your MP Politicians have the power to solve the plastic crisis. I've just invited my MP to take part in The Big Plastic Count, the biggest ever investigation into plastic waste. Will you invite yours? πŸ‘‰ @PlasticEveryday

All Conservative councillors supporting this PM deserve a proper thrashing at the elections this week. Use your vote wisely, and vote them out!

A reminder that bees are in dire need of help, and you can do that just by not mowing your lawn for a while longer ✨ If not for them, do it for us - we need pollinators to thrive! 🐝

When I've had a day where I have to meet and communicate with new people it takes HOURS for my stomach to unscrunch. And then I have to go through the in-depth analysis of my performance, and panic that I fucked up. And that takes days. IS IT WORTH IT? IS IT???

The platforms can be
much lower, overcome by
onboard staircases

Bee. And a little mild criticism of modern UK farming practices 

Bee on oil seed rape flower. There's something about that yellow, particularly against a gloomy sky, that I really love. I know it's monoculture and ecologically a Bad Thing but the yellow always cheers me up. And it's definitely better than maize.


Let's get Greta Thunberg to join the #Fediverse.

Here is what you can do:
* boost this post
* post your own post with the hashtag, here and on other social media platforms
* ask Greta to join or
* retweet this post on the birdsite:
* Let's make JoinTheFediverseGreta trend.

Small human 50 years ago 

It's really interesting seeing the news items about uncombable hair syndrome because it looks like we finally have a name for my hair. 50 years ago, needless to say, lots of people had names for it but they weren't particularly helpful. It literally was uncombable and until I saw the recent news items I'd never seen anyone else with hair like it. It's settled down somewhat although it is still very odd. I don't like to self-diagnose because that always send to me to be presumptuous, but truly, as far as I can see, it's what I had. It's an odd feeling though, seeing it become a thing after so long.

#Introduction Being very quiet on here, trying to work out how to get around 🀣It's making me hold my head only because l'm not used to this Platform.

I love #Nature, #Birds #trees #Animals
I hate cruelty and think Hunting Animals should be banned out right.
Intense dislike of Johnson's Tory Party and the Far Right.

I despair at what some people have become. Often found being shouty on 🐦 and waffling about #Wulferhampton (made up World) but looking elsewhere because of a Car Salesman!

Wordle 314 3/6*



Yesterday while walking Dog I found a bee on the ground where it was hoping to be squished. So I brought it home and gave it a dandelion. It's hard to tell if it was pleased.

The behaviour of ball bearings as they self assemble under an electric field They seem alive, reaching for each other to form emergent structures!

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