The past few days have made me never ever want to go on the internet again. People are awful.

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Maybe it's just because I'm a trauma survivor but I personally feel like it's almost never okay to bully people but apparently I'm wrong


As someone who was raised in a cult it is deeply disturbing to me seeing how dynamic, charismatic influencers followers will follow them blindly and unconditionally and employ zero critical thinking skills along the way

I also realized people will interpret and/or frame your actions/words however they need to in order for it to fit their own narrative

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ANYWAY bi/pan folks don’t owe anyone evidence of their queerness and that goes double for my they/them babes, let them liiiiiive

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I’ll be re-posting some of my faves here so they may live on in a better place

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what if we kissed 🥺😩 while trying to figure out the mastodon tl together 😆😂 haha... unless? 🥰

Man all I want for Christmas is a himbo 😔

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Alright, after moving instances, here is my second intro. 

My name is stitch, I'm 27, queer, non-binary, poor, leftist, etc. I'm a white settler on the west coast of so-called "Canada". Working hard to decolonize. I have ehlers danlos syndrome and walk with a cane. I'm a videographer, graphic designer, and writer. Haven't done much since school, but working on that. Love art, vintage/retro/nostalgia, horror movies, video games, and the colour pink.
Dm or follow to get to know me. 💗✌

Cw: ec

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if there is a political lesson to be learned from covid, I think it is that individualism is a cancerous ideology that threatens society

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men and women can’t be friends. neither men nor women can be friends. only nonbinary people know the true nature of friendship

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hi comrades!
I'm L, a bisexual genderfluid neurodivergent witchy themme from europe, my pronouns are they/her.

Thanks to @queervengeance, @femmmeow and i came here from ig, i'm a little nervous but very excited to get comfortable here!

I'd love to be part of a loving queer community where I can share memes, healing, wholesome cat content and the occasional hot pic, as well as talk about leftist/anarchist/neuroqueer theory.

let's be friends! ✨

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all research and successful drug policy show that treatment should be increased and law enforcement decreased while abolishing mandatory minimum sentences

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